Joell Ortiz featuring Token “Kill At Will” Official Music Video/ Big Daddy Kane Sample from “Set It Off”

I’m calling it now, this video is going to have a comeback in 5 months from today on Halloween. Joell Ortiz featuring the newest Massachusetts rapper to blow, Token, collaborate on “Kill At Will”, a lyrically driven track that slaughters everything else that is coming out these days.

Being that Ortiz and Token both murdered it, they had a dope video produced by Domingo with Animations from Matt Cassaro to really drive this murderous Halloween theme. And peep E.T. with the dab lol.

And to top it off, the track uses a sample from the legendary Big Daddy Kane throughout the hooks, so we’re really getting a treat ~ “Cause I get ill and kill at will. Teachin a skill that’s real. You’re no frill. So just stand still and chill, as I build science I drill until my rhymes fill your head up… Don’t even get up. The teacher is teachin’, so just shut up.” Lucky for ya’ll, no tricks here. Definitely check it out!

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