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    DEE-1 “the UnDefeated” Theme Song Official Music Video / The Undefeated Website Brought to you by ESPN

    I love this. I have so much respect for the brother Dee-1, so it was especially dope to see this premiere on ESPN. Then as I looked into it, is actually owned by ESPN, which should drastically help this video and the actual website with getting more exposure. The Undefeated site will help to explore the intersection of race, sports and culture, which doesn’t happen enough so I’m glad to see that ESPN is making an effort to create some traction in this area. And Dee-1 is literally the perfect artist to have on the theme song since he’s so true to the art and positively represents for the black community. Definitely check out the official video and inspiring track from Dee-1, which are both lit, and then take a look at the website as it should be a great addition to a relatively untapped niche

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