Hopsin “ILL Mind of Hopsin 8” Official Music Video/ One of Hip Hop’s Most Underrated Rappers in 2016

Hopsin is easily among my favorite rappers that I don’t listen to enough. Yea I’ll admit it, I don’t listen to his music enough. Every time I do, I’m always feeling it and end up listening to the same track back to back, or I’m just bumping a bunch of different tracks that he’s produced over the years. Much respect to Hopsin, and I’ve said it before – he’s going to blow up. He doesn’t have the support system that Kendrick Lamar had to help catapult him to this point, but when I interviewed Kendrick before he blew up, I knew it was going to happen. You can hear it in his records, see it in his live performances and music videos, and feel it in his interviews. Despite not interviewing or seeing Hospin perform live, I know he can blow to that magnitude if he continues grinding like he has.

To be honest, I’ve always questioned why he isn’t “bigger” than he is. Well this is another song that answers that question as he touches on the relationship that he had with his manager and associates. This is why Hopsin is a beast; while keeping it real, he tells a compelling and engaging story about dishonest relationships which results in the need for us to grow and evolve. Considering his ability to spit straight heat on songs while keeping it 100, I think he needs to stick with the grind and if anything, reach out to an artist like Tech N9ne, another rapper that I’ve met and interviewed, and rely on him as a mentor since he has done what Hopsin has the potential to do… build his own empire. I know the big record deal is the goal for so many artist but usually it comes with a cost and its one that I don’t think is worth it with Hospin… unless of course they give him total control of his music which is unlikely. But enough from me for now, check out his latest music video ~

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