Push It To The Limit, On And Off The Track / Oregon University Track and Field Runner Celebrates Too Early and Loses (Video)

Simply put, I love this video. Not only is this a lesson for track athletes, but this is also a life lesson. From the jump, in Track101 you learn to run through the finish line- so I don’t know what Tanguy Pepiot of the University of Oregon was doing?!? Probably watching Usian Bolt way too much lol.

“I thought I was by my self, like, far in front of the second guy,” Pepiot said. “I saw [Simon] on the screen, I tried to pick up, he just got me on the line. I’m not proud of myself right now, but it’s a good lesson for me, I think, not to do this in the future. Next time I’ll just run the whole final stretch and celebrate in the victory lap.”

And especially considering this was at the Pepsi Team Invitational, why would you start celebrating that far ahead of the finish line? But as a result of his celebrating, Washington Runner Meron Simon was able to make the most of it and win the race. Evidently Meron was on that Rick Ross “Push It To The Limit” level!

So to any athletes out there, never give up. Whether you are in first, second, or last place, work your hardest until the race is over. And the same can be said on the larger grand scheme of things. Live life and enjoy yourself, but not so much that you forget your mission.

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