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Freddie Gray is the most recent black American to have his life taken at that hands of a police officer. Justice needs to be served. And the continued misrepresentations of the black community within the media doesn’t help. Only showing images of young black men rioting and acting like thugs, is what the media does best, we all know that. And of course they fail to focus on the young black men and women that were peacefully protesting. But there are many articles and videos out there that touch on these issues. So with all of the racial tension in America right now, this video is very inspirational and truly demonstrates the love and passion that exists among us Americans.

Now after watching this video for a second time, I have mixed feelings about it. I have so much respect for this man for building her a place to sleep at night. But not just any place, but a space that she can call home. I applaud him for putting his own time, money, and energy into creating a home for a stranger. Or to be more blunt, considering all of the racial tension, a white man helping a black women. Now lets not dig into this any deeper than we need to, and lets just take it for what it is – inspiring and beautiful.

And at the same time, it hurts to know that there are thousands and thousands of other homeless people in America. Black, white, men, women, boys and girls. This guy took it upon himself to build someone else a home, and while I love what he did, I’m also upset. How is it that we neglect so many people every day? As a country, we must do more. If this one man can help one person, imagine what we could do as a country if we truly pulled together and made a real effort to improve conditions.

#ShareTheGood ~ @Adam_Spencer24

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