Unlocking The Truth Band – Black Boys Who Make Heavy Metal and Hard Rock (Video Interview)

Wow, so its not everyday that I feel like I am inspired by little kids… at least not like best friends Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins… there is also a bass player named Alec Atkins, but for whatever reason he wasn’t part of this interview. While it is assumed that most black kids in the city want to be rappers or only listen to rap and hip hop music, these two brothas are creating their own path and going in a different direction… heavy metal. I am a big believer in doing things your own way when you are truly ready, so seeing this video is great. Its inspiring. I personally love all types of music, not so much heavy metal but occasionally there are songs here and there that I enjoy. But this is exactly the type of message I try to preach, do what makes you happy. Be you! ~ Enjoy ~  @UnlocktheTruth3 @TheReelAce

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