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Yoshihide Kiryu, Japanese High School Sprinter Runs 100 meters in 10.01 (Video)/ Usain Bolt who?

So I just stumbled across this video of a Japanese high school runner who is insanely talented. I mean this kid is only about 17 years old and he ran the 100 meters in 10.01 seconds. AMAZING!! His name is Yoshihide Kiryu and he has ran other fast times too... so this is no fluke! His previous fastest time in the 100 meter was 10.21 and his 200 meter personal record is 21.43 so this kid is fast! Yea Yoshihide might be the next Usain Bolt... only time will tell. Hopefully he continues to develop because it would be amazing for Japan to have a sprinter of this caliber. Enough talking tho, just watch the video below~

And check out this little graph, see how Yoshihide compares to Olympic medalist and former world record holder Asafa Powell, and Carmelita Jeter!

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