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    Big Boi ft. Ludacris and T.I. “In The A” Official Music Video

    Brand new visuals from Big Boi’s hit record “In the A” which is off of his new album ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors’… some might say these are the top 3 best rappers out of Atlanta; T.I., Big Boi and Ludacris… what do you think? Personally I loved Big Boi more when he was part of OutKast way back in the day before they blow up. Not saying I don’t like him now, cause I do still enjoy his music, but old school OutKast is my ish! T.I. is a clearly nice with it, but for some reason I’ve never jumped on the bandwagon. Ludacris is another artist I love. I feel like he’s always been underrated because of his animated style. He’s loud, usually has a wise-guy spark. But he still delivers ridiculous punch lines. If I had to say who I like best out of these 3… it’s Luda. But luckily it’s not about who’s best since they are all representing the A~

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