Cro Magnon “Mysterious Vibes” Official Record/ Throwback Post/ ‘Mellow Out and Acoustic’

A real cool record that I’ve been meaning to post on here for a little while now, “Mysterious Vibes” from Cro-Magnon band is a funky jazz record with a cool chill undertone… and I love it. This record is off of their album ‘Mellow Out & Acoustic’ which came out Continue Reading

Talib Kweli ft. Ryan Leslie “Outstanding” Official Music Video

Brand new video and record to drop from Talib and Ryan Leslie, I wasn’t expecting this collaboration to be honest. Seemed random at first but after listening to it, I gotta say… I’m diggin it. Something to play while you and your girl are just kicking it and chilling at Continue Reading

Mark Zuckerberg Donates $500 Million After Instagram Update Terms of Service/ They can Sell Your Pictures and Photos for Ads to Make Money/ Business 101

Yesterday Instagram had everyone on FaceBook and Twitter (and of course Instagram) going crazy over the new updated terms of service which basically gives them (Mark Zuzkerberg and his FaceBook company bought Instagram for $1 Billion earlier this year), the right to sell your pictures to companies for ads. In Continue Reading