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    TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 17 / Big L and Egyptian Lover

    TAPEDECK TUESDAYS/ Tapedeck Mix 17(24)… So starting this week and the weeks to come, I’m making a few changes to TAPEDECK TUESDAYS. First, I’ll be adding to the series one or two videos of actual records that are featured on the mix. I felt like this would give you a better idea of the classic material we’re dealing with.  And than next week or the following week, I’m going to jump forward so I stop complicating
    things more than they already are since there was a set back a few weeks ago. By doing this I’ll be skipping a few TAPEDECK’s that have already been released, so I’ll be posting twice as many TT’s until we catch up… So with that said, here are the first two records along with the free mix to download!
    Egyptian Lover- Egypt, Egypt

    Dead Prez – We Want Freedom
    Big daddy Kane & Spinderella – Very Special
    Big L – Universal Freestyle
    Big Pun – The Nicest
    Jay Z & Camron – Welcome to NYC
    Ed Rock – You better Run
    Kanye & Nas – We Major
    Cru – Loungin wit my Cru
    Nas, Method Man, Ja Rule, DMX – Grand Finale
    Notorious Big – All men are dogs rmx
    Q Tip & Busta Rhymes – Gettin up remix
    Raekwon – State of Grace
    Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three – Request Line
    Sticky Fingaz – Come On
    Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt
    UTD (Mos def’s old group w Ces,DCQ) – My Kung Fu


    Big L – Universal Freestyle

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