‘In Your Hands’ by Bob Maher / Poem

‘In Your Hands’ by Bob Maher is a poem that you might like that was recently sent my way that I would definitely suggest you to check out. Inspiring and just beautiful in general,

Bob Maher recently underwent radiation treatment at Emerson. “I was
very impressed with, and appreciative of, the outstanding care and
support provided by Dr. Jack McGrath and his wonderful staff,” said Bob.
“During my nine weeks of treatment throughout the summer of 2010, I met
many other patients undergoing radiation and other cancer treatments at
Emerson. As a hobby, I like to write songs and poems and during this
time, I was observing and taking in what was going on around me and took
some notes.” In the poem below, titled “In Your Hands,” he tries to
“present a collective or composite recollection of what I experienced
and the experiences of some of the other patients I met.”

                     In Your Hands

                     Down and discouraged
                     And riddled with fear,
                     The doctors have told me
                     What I dreaded to hear.

                     Need to start the treatments
                     While a cure still possible –
                     A course of action planned
                     At the nearby hospital.

                     Skilled Doctors and Technicians
                     Form my new team,
                     With years of experience
                     In aiming their beam.

                     Radiation now attacking
                     This monster deep inside of me,
                     My body dealing with the side effects
                     Caused by the therapy.

                     Hard to see to the other side
                     When you just want to run and hide.                                              
                     Hard to see the light
                     With the end nowhere in sight.   

                     Putting fear behind me
                     I struggle through each day,
                     Your smiles and your laughter
                     Showing me the way.

                     I’ve put my life in your hands
                     And pray I’ll be all right,
                     As we’ve come together
                     To wage this deadly fight.

                     I’ve got to get on top of this
                     Get back to being me,
                     I lean on you now
                     Like a giant Oak tree.

                     In your hands
                     I am safe from all around me.
                     In your hands I’ll stay,
                     Hoping one day to fly away free.

                     Whenever I look back on this
                     I warmly will recall,
                     All your help and kindness
                     That got me through it all.

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