Inspirational ‘NBA on TNT – NBA Forever’ Video / Old and New Basketball Legends Playing Together

(Paul Pierce vs Jerry West)

Inspirational ‘NBA on TNT – NBA Forever’ Video… Basketball Legends Together on the court! Not literally, but of course with the help of editing. This was the Christmas Day 2011 Intro to the basketball season after the lockout. This video features the best professional basketball players to ever step on the court and do what so many of us were missing for way too long… play the game of basketball. I’m glad I stumbled across this. Basically, if there’s anyone in this video you don’t know… and you love basketball… google the athletes name or number and team because these are legends. So if your a fan of the Lakers or Celtics, maybe you like LeBron James or Red Auerbach… the one thing we should all agree on is that this is one great video!

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