Happy New Years! / Tupac Rave: New Years Eve 2012 at the Good Life Bar

Happy New Years! So 2011 was another exciting year for me, having meet so many different artists, videographers, producers and many other motivated individuals. I’ve learned a great deal about myself and some of the people in my life, and am truly thankful for everything that has come my way. I mean, even the bad things that have happened throughout the year are apart of me one way or another, and had things been different, for all I know I could be in a much worse situation. So with that said, I’ll be ending the year on a bang, hitting up the Tupac Rave at the Good Life Bar in Boston with my homie Van Stylez of UnderGroundHipHop.com and a few others. I know my life is going to get a bit more busy in about a week, but I’m curious to see what else comes of the year. The new Chase Ace series, more ‘Welcome To Beantown’ and ‘the Chef in the Kitchen’ episodes, music and much more from myself… can’t wait to see what new music comes out from the rest of the world. All the new art or amazing sports performances from other creative, talented and inspired individuals… yea, I’m definitely excited for 2012! Hope you enjoy your night… and be safe out there! But alright I gotta make some moves… for 2011, it’s your man Ace, and I’m signing out~
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