Homey the Clown “Homey Don’t Play That” Merry Christmas Video / LOL

Homey the Clown “Homey Don’t Play That” Merry Christmas Video… I used to love watching ‘In Living Color‘ while growing up n the early 90’s. So not only did we have some good quality rap and hip hop music out, but great shows like this. Keenen and Damon Wayans were especially on top of their game at this time and this show was proof. Not only did they keep it in the family but they got more than a handful of funny actors from Paul Mooney and Jim Carey to Jamie Foxx and David Alan Grier, among many others. Now there are a few skits that come to mind but it wouldn’t be right to start em with anyone other than, Homey the Clown… why you ask?
That’s simple… Cause Homey Dont Play That! Merry Christmas my friends hah~

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