Yelawolf Uses Devin The Dude Song Live Performance Video / Rick James

Yelawolf Uses Devin The Dude Song… So what doe’s Yelawolf, Devin the Dude and Rick James have in common? MUSIC. But more specifically their song’s “Love is not enough”, “Anythang” and “HollyWood” to be more specific. I love all three artist hence me giving each of em props for creating their own personal records using a similar sample. I filmed Devin the Dude a few months ago with my professional camera and Yelawolf the other night with my cell phone… check out the video~

Rick James “HollyWood” official record is where Devin got the sample from… check out the beginning of the record y’all hear it. So it’s cool to see new current artist keeping Rick Jame’s music alive~
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