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    Montel Williams Opens Up A High End Marijuana Shop / Business 101

    Montel Williams Opens Up A High End Marijuana Shop / Business 101… So by now you should be well aware of Montel Williams leaving his TV show to truly make a difference for the people not only here in America, but all across the world. Making the most of having 17 years in the public view and clearly being aware of the importance of medical marijuana, his business spider man sense kicked in. Consulting for Abatin, this is his first dispensary but he plans on opening others across the country… there’s no doubt in my mind this is not only going to help lead the way for the proper treatment of medical marijuana but also be a big business move that will pay off very well. Marijuana has its enemies, but half of these enemies either use it themselves or have family members or friends that are for it. Let alone how many of them use it for recreational purposes. Either way, it’s only a matter of time before it’s at least decriminalized on a national level and legal in individual specific states… at the least~

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