Yankees vs Redsox Minor League Baseball Brawl – Fight VIDEO / Charleston Riverdogs vs Greenville Drive

Yankees vs Redsox Minor League Baseball Brawl Video… LMAO, what a great introduction into one of baseballs greatest rivalries ever. I mean, I’m not about violence and all the drama and etc… but it is entertaining to watch guys that can’t really fight go out at. Of course there are a bunch of baseball players that I’d never want to mess with, but for the most part, I don’t think I say any of em here lol. The Charleston Riverdogs (Navy) play out of Charleston, South Carolina and their minor league baseball team is a Class-A Affiliate of the New York Yankees, while the Greenville Drive are based out of Greenville, South Caroline and have been affiliated with the Boston Red Sox since 2005. Kinda funny, reminds me of the time Pedro Martinez rocked Don Zimmer during that 2004 scuffle lol.


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