VIDEO – Rondos Arm Bent – Dislocated Elbow Because of Dwyane Wade in Game 3 / Celtics vs Heat Playoff Game / Celtics Win , 1 – 2 Series

So Rajon Rondo definitely did some sort of matrix thing with his arm during game 3 of the NBA Playoffs between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat… More detail coming soon. It’s definitely not a pretty injury I can tell you that.
More coming soon….

It was during the 3rd quarter… I believe right after the Celtics pulled ahead for the lead. It looked as if they were both going after the ball, Wade began to fall back… which of course was where Rondo was. During this time their arms began to inter-link, where they began to fall backwards and down. Wade definitely didn’t need to fall back into him like he did, I think it was more of an acting job but who am I to say what exactly happened… only a viewer/ fan (so I may be somewhat bias ;)… but I honestly believe Wade did not need to fall back into Rondo like that.

Anyway, while they began to fall back, Rondo tried to kinda catch himself, or at least take less of an impact with the court, by planting his hand. But the problem is that his arm was full extended and his body was twisting while falling because of the pressure and weight of Wade. Now again, I’m not an expert or anything like that, just a fan that was editing some video footage and watching my hometown favorite professional basketball team do the damn thang.

So while the Celtics are leading 58 – 70 with about 1 minute to go in the 3rd quarter… Rondo came walking back out, taped up and ready to play. He reportedly has a dislocated left elbow… but considering the roll the Celtics are on and how loud the Garden got, he’s not trying to miss one. It’s that rush I always tell people about during rugby… he’s not going to notice the pain as much as he did when it first happened for that split second, but the moment you realize where you’re at and what’s on the table… you need to keep playing. Especially with the BOSTON FANS, you know that place is going nuts right now!!!

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, when ESPN correspondent asked about Rondo’s dislocated elbow, Doc Rivers said, “I don’t know, that’s all I heard as well”. With Rondo being such an influence and factor in the game he said, “someone else just has to step up”…

Let’s see how this plays out tho… I know having Shaquille O’Neal is helpful.

Doc Rivers said during a timeout to his team, “It’s all about our defense right now”… yeaaa that’s what I’m talking about. I always say it, Defense Wins Games!

Alright I gotta get some more work done and get back to the game, I’ll update this in a few…

 So it’s the 4th quarter with 2 minutes to go and Rondo’s dribbling and passing the ball perfect… especially the nice bounce pass he just had to Paul Pierce in the corner who nailed the 3 pointer….

The Celtics have a comfortable lead and look like they are going to win this one. The scores 81-94 with 1 minute to go…. WOW , check that… Paul Pierce just nailed a buzzer 3 pointer to make the score 81-97… which was the final score.

“He POPPED IT BACK IN”… yeaaa that sounds like a rugby mentality to me…

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