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    Redman ft. Ready Roc and Melanie Rutherford “Cheerz” *NEW / Lyrics

    Redman ft. Ready Roc and Melanie Rutherford “Cheerz” is a tight new record from one of rap and hip hop’s most beloved artist… at least in my book. It’s been a minute since we heard Reggie Nobles, and I don’t know if thats why, but I’m feelin this more than his old ish. At least right now while I’m bumping it. Yea this is just real hip hop at its finest. Mad refreshing… and the video’s tight too, I can’t forget the video… but the record, damn I’m feelin this~

    And random but here are the lyrics to this… I don’t usually do this but they were there… plus this is a dope record, shot!

    [Ready Roc]
    I said I’m..
    I’ma.. great white on the mic, servin fishscale
    Livin life like I co-star with Denzel
    Hip-hop been my life since kids meals
    Lee jeans, label blocks and Big Wheels (uhh)
    Ever since then I’ve been a FUCKIN problem
    Feelin like Bruce Wayne, and this is Gotham
    Now I got them haters watchin
    Waitin for my next hit like a nigga boxin
    (And the NEWWW!) On this mic you can see I’m blessed
    Some say I’m the (One), like (KRS)
    Shoutout to Clue, Flex and Doo Wop
    R.I.P. Big L, Pun, Biggie and Tupac
    Flow so sick somebody give me a flu shot (achoo)
    I’m well done, overcooked, too hot
    A booth, ProTools and a MP
    That’s all I need to show you that I’m a emcee (yessir!)
    So you can chase the fame, cause simply
    difference is, you a Beamer, I’m a Bentley – dummy!
    Now wonder where I’d be without Funk Doc
    So this toast goes to Redman and hip-hop (yo)

    [Chorus: Ready Roc (Redman) {Melanie}]
    Whattup Big Unc? (Whattup nephew?)
    WHATTUP JERSEY? {Jersey, Jersey-ayyyyy}
    (Check mic one) Check mic two
    How y’all feel? (Drinks on me!)
    NOW WHO THIRSTY? {whoahhh-ohhhh}
    (Cheers! This ones her for hip-hop)

    [Interlude: Melanie Rutherford]
    This is my life – this is my life baby
    We gon’ do it like this nigga

    Yo, watch out now I talk like a old man
    But still got that UHH like Jor-dan
    Call in, anywhere I go is CHEERS
    Cause they yell my name like Rod-man
    Walk in, look cool
    Flow like the ink pen got Red Bull
    Feel like I’m school, back to the basics
    Handcuffin hip-hop, niggaz start rapin (yessir)
    And I faced it, it’s a new ballgame
    It’s like when (Baby Boy) met Ving Rhames
    Now that’s so appealin, the veteran
    still trappin, I’m back in the building
    Yeah I laugh when I’m yakkin to children
    But it’s hard when ya boy lackin a million
    I’m so brilliant, cause I work the Eastside
    And do the same damn thing on the Westside (West coast!)
    For hip-hop I’ma die – you fuck with it?
    I’m O-Dog, I ain’t lettin that shit ride!
    Whoever outside with a eardrum
    Old people, young people, here it come

    [Interlude: Melanie (Redman)]
    This is my life (yo, watch out now)
    Hip-Hop (yessir, yo neph’ I got it nigga)

    Yo, aiyyo neph’ you can tell I love hip-hop
    And me stoppin any time? I think not
    Whip, the opposite of a hard top
    Summertime, my rhyme’s in your droptop
    Yeah, the LP is “Reggie”
    I got the goods baby, I’m Don Ready
    Ready, for any hip-hop freak
    Even white chicks want black in ‘em like Pernelli
    Yeah, the rap game is star studded
    It’s like the NBA, you gotta love it

    [Ready Roc]
    Whattup Big Unc? Watch nephew
    sell more records than Wyclef crew (ill)
    Haters watch me ball like the ref do
    And still can’t get it right like a left shoe (hahahaha)
    I’m ’bout to bubble like a Lex Coupe
    “What’s my motherfuckin name?” like I’m Big Snoop
    Ready Roc hear the crowd scream
    Now my name hold weight like a triple beam
    Wu-Tang showed me how to get the C.R.E.A.M.
    I’m a microphone, I’m a microphone fiend

    [Melanie Rutherford]
    This is my life, this is my life
    Hip-Hop, until I dieeeeee
    Until I die, whoaaaaaa-ohhhhhh
    Cause this is my life, my life
    Hip-Hop, until I diiiiieeee
    Yeah yeah yeah
    [Redman- Cheerz Lyrics (feat. Ready Roc, Melanie Rutherford)]

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