LeBron James, “The LeBrons” Episode 5 : “Superstition” *NEW

LeBron James, “The LeBrons” Episode 5 : “Superstition”… it’s funny cause I originally threw up episode to speak on LeBron’s business side… expanding his empire thing… but after watching the past episodes, I’m actually starting to look forward to seeing the next episode lol… this one was about making sacrifices and understanding when you’re apart of a bigger picture. Just knowing you have your friends and families support is the most you can ask for… in this case Kid made a sacrifice for Athlete, and just showing his commitment and dedication to his family was all Athlete had to see to know that he would be fine on his own. In Kid’s case, school dances are just starting and there are would be a lot more to come… just like with myself or you, going out to the bar or to clubs would be fun to do every night if you could, but sometimes you need to make sacrifices for yourself and your family… thus my hustle hah~ Enjoy… and check back next week for Episode 6!
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