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    Chiddy Bang Sets Guinness New World Record Longest Freestyle Official Video *NEW

    Chiddy Bang Sets Guinness New World Record Longest Freestyle Official Video… Umm what?! Chiddy Bang freestyles to different topics for 9 hours, 18 minutes and 22 seconds during MTV’s inaugural O Music Awards. What? 9 Hours? I have two videos basically the beginning and ending, but he literally had to freestyle only allowed 3 second break… so in other words, if he had to use the bathroom or something… yeaaa he’s still freestylin hah. Crazy tho. I mean doing anything for that long is crazy… it’s like me working. I’m always doing something, and 9 hours kinda does just fly by when your doing something that your so focused on…. but still, spittin for 9 hours is nuts. Especially when you think of previous record holders like Supernatural,Green Arrow and D.O., who all  have held the record over the past few years with 8-hour plus, freestyles. I mean, I’m not hatin on Chiddy cause I do think he’s a talented brotha I like a lot of records, but to have him in the same sentence with Supernatural, and furthermore, to say Chiddy surpassed Supernatural, just doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t know… maybe I’m too old school?! But check out the videos~

    9 hours later… honestly, I think he’s spittin more bars in the beginning than the end~

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