White Men Can Jump… Division 3 Dunk Contest Champion 5ft 10in Jacob Tucker / ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Throwback Post

Men’s College Division 3 Dunk Contest Winner Video… 5ft 10in Jacob Tucker won the 2011 dunk contest and I must admit, he was pretty impressive. I remember when ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ the movie with Woody Harrison and Wesley Snipes came out, yeaa that movie was ill… specially the Spanish chick, she was dope but I don’t know, I cant imagine her dating Woody hah. But before I continue down that road lol, that movie was great and really set the phrase on fire… until recently really. I mean clearly Blake Griffin comes to mind when you think of the word dunk these days. But its great to see 1, someone my height win a dunk contest … and 2, the white dude representing. He did have some nice dunks~

‘White Men Can’t Jump’ The movie… I had to find a good video to refresh your memory… and peep the sneakers. I know some dudes are wildin hah~

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