Proph Bundy – Design + Photography / “Forgotten Atlanta” Series

Proph Bundy – Design + Photography = “Forgotten Atlanta” Series… this designer/ photographer is among my list of the best in the New England/ Atlanta areas. You can check out more of his work HERE… but this post in particular is strictly about this new series of photographs, the title says it all “Forgotten Atlanta”. Here are a few of my favorites~
Documenting the forgotten parts of Atlanta, this first photo is perfect when looking at what has been left behind, while the rest of the city continues forward~


“A series of photos documenting the forgotten parts of Atlanta. The long gone and forgotten foreclosed homes and low income public housing projects/apartments. At one point these places were home to many families, but currently their empty shells are almost always gutted & ransacked, and often burned down or used as an occasional drug den or shelter for the homeless. This series is not just to document the houses & buildings but entire communities of the city that are forgotten. And while you may not see any people in these photos, they’re the most important part of the picture.”  Proph Bundy
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