Boston’s Best Rap – Hip Hop Artist(s) of the Year, 2011/ Reks, Sam Adams, 1982, 7L & Esoteric, Moe Pope & Rain, Slaine / Vote NOW!

Aight folks, its that time of the year to start voting! Nothing involving the government, but you might say politics… within the Boston rap and hip hop community. Its the 23rd Annual Boston Phoenix/ WFNX Best Music Poll. Chris Faraone of the Boston Phoenix (and I guess me too since I think you should vote if you’re a fan of the local music scene) need you to vote on Boston’s Best Rap/ Hip Hop artist. This years nominees are Slaine, Reks, Sam Adams, 7L & Esoteric, Moe Pope & Rain, and 1982 which consists of Statik Selektah and Termanology.

Now let me state one thing first and foremost… I personally don’t think Sam Adam’s belongs in this category. I think he is more of a Frat Rapper than a Hip Hop or Rap artist. For those of you who know what frat rap is, I’m not hating on Mr. Adams, I’m simply saying he doesn’t belong in this category. For any of you who aren’t aware of what frat rap is, I’m about to throw up a post about frat rap cause I know alot of folks are like ‘what rap’… ‘fat rap’?!? Click here to read up on frat rap!

To give yall an idea of what each artist sounds like here’s one video from each artist that they produced within the past year.

7L & Esoteric”RETROSPECTS” Official Music Video


“Retrospects” is off of their album 1212

Sam Adams “Coast to Coast”

“Coast to Coast” is off of his album “Bostons Boy EP

Moe Pope & Rain “Godzilla / Rock Me” Official Music Video

Both “Godzilla” and “Rock Me” are on their album ‘Life After God

1982 “Still Waiting ” Official Music Video

“Still Waiting” is off of their album ‘1982

Reks “25th Hour” Official Music Video

“25th Hour” is off of his album ‘Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

Slaine “99 Bottles” Official Music Video

99 Bottles” is off of his album ‘A World With No Skies’

So after checking out each artist, what do you think? I think it’s gonna be another year of close competition… but the main issue is that Sam Adams has a large local fan base here in New England. The other artist do too but the problem is that alot of their fans are overlapping each other (since they are what rap and hip hop are)… fans like myself for example. I can honestly say I’m stuck between 4 of the nominees! I respect all of em and their grind but I think when its comes to this past year in particular, three of em really come to mind. You get what I’m gettin at or no?

 Knowing that there are probably hundreds and thousands of others like myself, our votes are gonna essentially be worthless. Sam Adams has all these lil middle school and high school girls loving him, once one of them get a hold of this… its all over. Wack I know… but maybe… just maybe… all of “us” will happen to vote for the same artist(s). And the good thing about this is that you can be from England , France, Japan, South Africa, Amsterdam or any other part of the world, all you need to do is throw in your name and an email. Go and show your favorite Boston artist some support and vote!!! Vote HERE!

What Do You Think?
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