NFL football player turned rugby/ Miles Craigwell/ USA Sevens Rugby/ Las Vegas 2011

So if you weren’t aware, I’m a big rugby fan. I love watching and playing it. I’ve been playing rugby for about 6 years now, and I love every bit of it. I played on a successful Boston Irish Wolfhounds D3 squad, helping to get them delegated to New England Rugby Football Union D2.  After playing with the Wolfhounds, I began playing for a new Framingham Exiles club. During our first season in NERFU Mens D4, I helped the Exiles have an undefeated team winning D4 where they have been moved up to D3.

I’ve had a fun and exciting journey but damn it would be nice if I had an agent who I could hit up and say, ‘I want a shot to play for the USA Eagles’. Well “former” Miami Dolphins football player Miles Craigwell, basically did that. Originally from Boston, Miles went to my neighboring high school, Weston High, and continued his education at Brown. After a   college football career, he made an attempt for the PROS but the NFL just wasn’t happening. Then one day after seeing it on tv, he decided rugby would be worth a shot. Now he’s about to play in front of American fans in about 2 weeks in Las Vegas during the USA Sevens Rugby HSBC Sevens World Series.

As much as I want to hate on Miles for being able to literally just make a call to make what so many of us dream about (or maybe its just me hah), I like the fact that he left football for rugby. Being a former high school football player, I also love to play and watch football, but there’s something about rugby that football lacks. Maybe all the padding turns me off, or maybe I enjoy socials with the guys that tried to knock my head off during the match hah, whatever it is… I love it!

But enough talking, check out these two videos with Miles Craigwell, and look out for the USA Sevens Rugby matches that are taking place in two weeks on February 12th and 13th. This will be a great chance for America to see what rugby is all about. Rugby is really just getting started here in America and I’m excited to be apart of the movement from the beginning!

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