St. Anthony Friars / Best high school basketball team in the country/ Coach Bob Hurley 1000th win/ 2011

Linden High School might help make history in a few weeks… I wonder if they know it hah…

St. Anthony’s hall of fame head coach Bob Hurley is on pace to getting his 1,000th win and it may be against Linden High School. I’m definitely impressed with that, but as Coach Hurley said to ESPN’s Corey J. Allen, “I’m still coaching for awhile, so that’s just a number.” 

And it’s not everyday that someone decides to write a novel about you and your role as a high school basketball coach and your influence on the surrounding community. Well Adrian Wojnarowski’s did in the New York Times Bestseller, The Miracle of St. Anthony.

With such an impressive record its still not easy to forget about the talented squad he’s working with like Rutgers committed Myles Mack and 6’8 Junior Kyle Anderson. I mean clearly we gotta take our hats off to Coach Hurley for his 20+ State Championships, but I think this years squad also deserves a tiny bit of credit too.

Undefeated so far this season, the St. Anthony Friars have absolutely ran threw their opponents including their season opener 93-34 against Fisher Charter (NJ) and more recently, their 77-33 victory over Newton North (MA) to capture the Garden City Classic tournament.

I was actually lucky enough to come across an interview or article about St. Anthony’s last minute decision to attend the Garden City Classic tournament as a result of the bad weather or something… whatever the reason, I’m glad they did. Check out the video I filmed for CBS MaxPreps of the St. Anthony Friars lead by coach Bob Hurley as they beat the Newton North Tigers in the tournament finals.
A tough lose for the host of the tournament, Newton North is considered at least a solid program if not among the better ones, here in Massachusetts. So I wont jump to conclusions based off of this one game, but as Kyle Anderson says, St. Anthony could “finish #1 in the country, 32-0.” 
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