Dutch ReBelle; ‘Beauty vs the Beast’ / Famous Nobodies/ 2011

January 2011 – Week 1
A new artist for a new year~ Dutch ReBelle is a relatively new rapper from Boston who is killin the scene. I feel like there’s a new rapper coming out every other week but none of em are actually makin a buzz like Dutch. And lets keep it real, female rappers dont generally get all the credit they deserve. Well if you arent familiar with Dutch, get familiar~
Her new FREE mixtape ‘Beauty vs the Beast’ is full of bangers. Something for everyone, there are a handful of freestyles, a few remixes over classics, and some new original material… specially the few records that were produced by WMS the Sultan. Full of punch lines, she can rip the mic with ease… this is hip hop my friends!
Part of Boston based rap group the Famous Nobodies, honestly, if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t know who they are. So which ever member got her in the group, well done my dude hah. Regardless how they got heard, the point is that they were heard. After checkin out her “I’m ILL Remix” (video above), I peeped the group… it’s clear why she choose to join em~
So go and peep the mixtape ‘Beauty vs the Beast’ for FREE… and if your feelin it then download it…for FREE!
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