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Welcome To Beantown Episode 5

Best Songs To Pump you up in 2011/ Gym/ Football/ Rugby/ Baseball/ Exercise/ War/ Battle/ Fitness Songs

Alright folks, here is my 100(+) list of the Best songs to amp you up! Whether your gettin ready for a basketball game or track meet, or maybe you need ill background music for an  exciting scene in a short film... well this list of songs should help you get the job done. ALTHOUGH YOU WOULD CLEARLY NEED TO LEGALLY CLEAR THESE SONGS IF YOU WERE USING THEM AS BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR ANY MAJOR PROJECT. 

So a few friends suggested a few songs, which were kinda obvious and I'm surprised I forget em. I had a handful of songs in mind while others were actually new to me. But enough from me, we both know why you're here... well here you go~

(In Alphabetical Order by Artist... AND NOT ALL CLEAN VERSIONS) 
Yea this is a perfect list of song to pump you up for the gym, get your fired up, and ready to battle... I meannn, play a fun competitive game hah!

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