LeBron James/ Peyton Manning/ Choke Artist/ 2011

What does Peyton Manning and LeBron James have in common? Aside from the obvious like being among the best currently playing in their specific profession…you give up? As of right now, despite me being a LJ fan, they’re both the biggest chokes! Now I think this statement will go both Continue Reading

Leve, Kample (Get Up, Stand Up) A Letter to Haiti/ Dutch ReBelle/ Directed by Joe’l Gonzalez/ 2011

Here’s the Official Music Video of “LEVE, KAMPLE” (Get Up, Stand UP) A Letter to Haiti, from Dutch ReBelle, which is off of her mixtape ‘Beauty vs the Beast’.  Yet again she continues to define the definition of real hip hop. Emotionally driven, she speaks to the 3 million Haitians Continue Reading