Jets Coach Trips Player/ Miami’s Nolan Carroll / Assistant coach Sal Alosi/ Jets suck

Two days ago I wrote a post about Boston sports… how great it is to be apart of such a rich tradition. I mentioned how other states and teams fail to have the same chemistry we have as fans, as well as players and organizations. Well the timing was great…

Tonight was another great night for New England Sports. The Patriots beat the Chicago Bears in Chi-Town (That’s Too Bad Sarah ;p) and on top of that, the New York Jets lost, and to add insult to injury, they were clearly caught showing their horrible display of sportsmanship and just lack of respect for the game.

During the New York Jets game against the Miami Dolphins, Nolan Carroll was deliberately tripped by a New York Jets coach. 

Reportedly, the New York Jets confirmed that strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi did in fact interfere with Carroll during this punt return coverage. I personally hope there is a big penalty for this… I mean what was he thinking. Even if that was the Patriots vs the Jets or the Giants, I can’t imagine someone thinking they could 1, get away with it. And 2, would even scoop that low. 
Like I said in my previous post, I’m glad to be part of a great tradition… instead of some whack organization like the Jets. Now I personally love New York, the city that is, and I understand someone might be pumped up or excited to be on the field and part of the action, but seeing this only makes think, the Jets Suck!

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