“Foolish” Music Video / Life After God / Moe Pope & Rain / Reks / Brick Records

“Foolish” by Moe Pope & Rain ft. REKS
off of the album LIFE AFTER GODS

Its crazy, I just finished the post on the Boston Music Awards and saying how tough the voting is gonna be… next thing I know, two of the Hip Hop Artist of YEAR nominees, have a new video out…

Life After God is Moe Popes newest album produced by Rain. I haven’t heard the entire album but from the few tracks I’ve heard, its tight. When I came across this particular video with Moe and Reks I thought it was an interesting combination since they have different styles. I think it was a good move tho, both dudes have been grinding for years and kinda have a completely different fan base, so hopefully they both walk away with alot more fans. But check out this video for now…



Damn, I wonder who’s gonna win!? It might not even be Moe or Reks… so if you want one of them to win, vote for em!

 Moe Pope doin what he does~
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