Bryson Tiller “Somethin Tells Me” Official Music Video | ‘True To Self’ Album

Bryson Tiller Somethin Tells Me Official Music Video off of the album True to self New 2017 RnB music

Brand new music video from Bryson Tiller “Somethin Tells Me” is off of his new album ‘True To Self’ which I had the chance to bump yesterday and it wasn’t a disappointment. About a week ago I posted “Get Mine” featuring Young Thug along with the audio for “Somethin Tells Me”, had no idea he was gonna drop a video that record considering all of the hits on here. I’m really feeling “Self Made”, “High Stakes”, “Money Problems/ Benz Truck”, “Run Me Dry” and “Set It Off” among a few…

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Millyz “Lessons” Official Music Video/ “Lose you” freestyle video/ “Magnolia” freestyle

Now that I’m back to doing this grind thing you already know I gotta get the homie Millyz in the mix since he’s continued to do his thing and building up a strong foundation for his music since I last interviewed him at least 6 or 7 years ago at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. His last official music video to drop was “Lessons” which came out about two months ago and it’s a banger if you haven’t seen or heard it yet. It’s not featuring Jadakiss but he’s kicking…

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Cousin Stizz featuring G Eazy “Neimans Barneys” Official Audio Track

Cousin Stizz G-Eazy Neimans Barneys official audio track music new rap hip hop

I know I just posted Cousin Stizz a day or two ago but as I mentioned those track’s aren’t brand new so I’m throwing this up since “Neimans Barneys” is hot out the oven. Featuring G-Eazy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already starting to plan out the music video. I can picture it now, coast to coast shots showing love to both of their cities – Boston and Oakland. It’s dope to see cross-country collaborations and clearly for the rappers sake it’s a great way to be marketed to a new audience. To…

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Draze Ft. D’Angelo “Ain’t Nobody Talking About No Real Shit” Official Music Video

Draze Aint Nobody Talking About no Real Shit featuring DAngelo Official Music Video New Black Conscious Rap and Hip Hop Music about black America 2017 under donald trump michael brown eric garner

And here is more dope new rap music for my friends that like to say that rap and hip hop music are dead and the culture is not as conscious as it used to be. This is what rap is built off of, music that speaks to the surrounding environment embodying the spirit of the people and experiences that make up our community as (black) Americans. This is the first time that I’m hearing about Draze but of course I’ve posted some soulful music from D’Angelo. This record is dope because Draze is clearly woke and…

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Talib Kweli & Styles P. “Nine Point Five” Official Music Video featuring Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, NIKO IS / Sway in the Morning Interview

Rappers Talking About Politics Trump Black Power Pride Empowerment 2017 Obama Real Sway in the morning Radio show Talib Kweli Styles P

Brand new music from Talib Kweli and Styles P featuring Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, and NIKO IS with their record “Nine Point Five” which is off of Styles P and Talib’s latest project ‘The Seven‘. Anything with the LOX and Talib is gonna be a banger and this wasn’t a disappointment. With so much attention given to Lil X, Y and Z rappers on mainstream radio it’s dope to see all these cats still going so strong – 20 years deep! Spittin some straight knowledge on this record you’d think it…

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Cousin Stizz “500 Horses” Official Music Video/ ‘One Night Only’ Mixtape Video Teaser

It’s always dope when I see rappers like Cousin Stizz starting to get national and international attention. At least 4 years ago, a friend or I’ll say a family member, connected Stizz and I since they thought that I might be able to help him with either some management or marketing and branding through my video work, sites, and the few connections I have. Well, fortunately, it was around the period of time that I had just decided to return to college to complete my undergrad so I had pretty…

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Token “New Problems” Official Music Video

Token New Problem Official Music Video Eminem Machine Gun Kelly Boston Salem Massachusetts Rapper Rap Dope Fresh Ill Lit The Best

Brand new music video from the little homie Token, I was about to throw on some Gary Vee while I ate lunch when I saw this video posted on the home section of my Youtube page so of course, I had to check it out. Similar to Joyner Lucas, Token continues to impress me whether it’s with the visuals within his videos or the storytelling in his songs. And I was reading some ridiculous comments the other day – just because he’s white and can spit doesn’t mean he’s biting…

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Albee Al and Tax G “How I’m Comin” Official Music Video / “In My Bag” and “Getting To The Cake”

Albee Al Tax G I'm Comin Official Music Video In My Bag and Getting To the Cake rap hip hop music new jersey 2017 fire

The new official music video from the New Jersey rapper Albee Al and Tax G “How I’m Comin” is dope. If you’re into rap or hip hop music, whether or not you’re familiar with this brother I think this is more proof that you should get used to hearing Albee’s voice and name since he’s continuing to put out some quality records and delivering some real music for the game. And teaming up with Tax G their hooking us up with some heat to kick off the spring before summer…

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Sylvan LaCue “Grateful” and “Best of Me” Official Music Video

Sylvan LaCue Grateful Official Music Video Best of Me new hip hop Rnd Miami Florida native rapper

My first post about Sylvan LaCue, “Grateful” is his newest music video to drop and it’s not far behind his hit records “Best of Me” and “Heavenly” that recently came out. Almost a combination of Hip Hop with a touch of R&B and a dash of Neo-Sole, it’s only a matter of time before this brother blows up. Just hella chill and almost smooth without forcing it, but yet maintains the ability to touch you and drive that emotional spark or distraction that music is meant to do. And at…

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Joyner Lucas “Just Like You” and “Ultrasound” Official Music Video / ‘508-507-2209’ Album

Joyner Lucas Just Like You Ultrasound official music video 508-507-2209 album rap Massachusetts

Damn, Joyner Lucas continues to impress me with the versatility of his flow and beat selection to the videos being some of the best productions and stories in the rap game. In both of his latest two records/ videos to drop he adds fuel to the fire and debate about Massachusetts deserving more recognition than what it has received in from the rap community. In his newest video “Just Like You” we see some great story telling as two kids basically express their unwanted desire to be like their deadbeat…

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